Thank you, GOD for: welcomes you to thank God for your blessings, share your stories of gratitude and talk about the miracles that have blessed your life

About Us

There was no site out there that allowed people of all faiths to just say thank you so that God and the world could hear it!

We inspire others when they read about our blessings. And God loves to hear the words, "Thank you". What better way to advertise your gratitude and make someone's day?

There is no catch or church or person who benefits from this site other than the Almighty himself and your fellow brethren, so- Thank away! And share your miracles so that others can have hope in their time of need. :-)

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Community Activities

Our Lord is always there to hear your prayer. We welcome you to share, pray and pray for others freely. We do not judge others and ask that you refrain for any statements which harbor ill feelings. There are other sites for that. Not here.